Cyclades Greece

Sifnos belongs to the western Cyclades and stands out for its authentic beauty. The tour of Sifnos is full of pleasant surprises. Archeological sites, churches and monasteries, lush landscapes and mountain blocks, endless beaches and small bays impress every visitor.
This special island of the Cyclades is located between the islands of Serifos, Kimolos and Antiparos. The island’s highest mountain, the Prophet Elijah, is at an altitude of 680 m. Its port, Kamares and Apollonia the capital every summer is filled with thousands of travelers arriving to the hospitable island to spend their holidays.

Route Kilometers
Apollonia – Artemonas 1,5
Apollonia – Vathi 11
Apollonia – Exabela 2
Apollonia – Kamares 5,5
Apollonia – Kastro 3
Apollonia – Katavati 1,5
Apollonia – Kato Petali 1,5
Apollonia – Platis Gialos 10
Apollonia – Faros 7
Apollonia – Cheronissos 15
Apollonia – Chrissopigi 9,5

Places from Sifnos


Apollonia is the capital of the island. It is built amphitheatrically on three hills, in the center of around the island.

Walking in the paved alleyways of the city, you will be

impressed by its traditional architecture.

The uniformity of the buildings, the churches and the small squares create a harmonious set.
On the hill of Prophet Elias, which is the highest peak of the island, is built the homonymous monastery founded in the 12th century.

It is worth visiting to see the

religious relics and admire the wonderful view of Sifnos.


Kamares is the harbor of Sifnos which is 6 km away from Apollonia. It is the largest village of the island.
Kamares took its name from the many caves that existed previously in the region and particularly on the rocky south coast.
The central settlement of Kamares extends on the right side of the homonymous bay, where lies the port. Around it has developed an important commercial center.
Its worth to visit the church of St. George, which was founded in 1785 and is the oldest building in the region.

Platis Yialos

Platis Gialos beach is located on the south side of the island at a distance of 12 km. from Apollonia. It is the most beautiful beach of Sifnos and one of the largest beaches of the Cyclades.
Around the beach is the homonymous settlement. On the north side of the beach, on the top of the hill is built the monastery of Panagia Vounos dating from 1813.
In this area you will also see many vineyards and olive groves. Also, there are many traditional pottery workshops. You can visit them and buy beautiful ceramic decorations.


Faros is the most picturesque village of Sifnos. It is located 7 km away. southeast of Apollonia.
It is the most secure port of the island, as it is protected by the three capes (Pharos, Glyfo, Fasolu) that surround it. On them is built the seaside settlement.
The beaches of the same name are famous for their clear and shallow waters.


Artemonas is one of the most beautiful villages of Sifnos.

It is 2 km away. north of Apollonia. Here are most mansions and neoclassical villas, with beautiful gardens.

The natural beauty of the place and the combination of the

Cycladic architecture with the neoclassical elements, give the area

a aristocratic finesse. At the top of the hill you will see the old picturesque windmills.


The seaside village of Vathy is located on the west side of the island.
You will approach it following the new paved road from Apollonia or with the boats that make the surrounding island.
The closed bay protects the settlement that is a typical example of Cycladic architecture.
The beach of the village is famous for its clear, shallow waters ideal
for children and those who do not know good swimming. One of the most important attractions of the region is the monastery of Taxiarches, founded in the 16th century.


The Castle is essentially a small Castle of Sifnos that every visitor of the island deserves to see. The medieval settlement has been built on a steep hill and in the same place where the ruins of the ancient Acropolis are located. The current form of the castle is a typical example of Venetian fortress architecture. The houses are two- or three-story and built in a continuous way, so that their exterior walls are at the same time the walls of the fortress. Even today, the entrance and the exit to the Castle is made from the old entrances – arcades, called “lodges”. Cars are prohibited in the settlement. Following the narrow streets of the settlement you will reach the top of the hill where the relics of the ancient Acropolis are located. From there the view is unforgettable.


Herronissos is a beautiful beach that we find in the wider area of Artemonas. It is a small fishing village that is famous for its wonderful beach and for pottery workshops that operate in the area. In the quiet beach you will swim in the clear waters with the blonde sandy beach and you will enjoy the beautiful environment.


Chrysopigi is a small peninsula located 10 km away. south of Apollonia. The small coves create landscapes of unique beauty, while the secluded beaches offer visitors a sense of private beach. On the edge of the peninsula is built the monastery of Panagia, founded in 1650.


The village of Exabella is located two kilometers southeast of Apollonia, on the road to Faro. At the entrance of the village are the Arades that impress the visitor. This is a series of about ten windmills. Some of them are dilapidated, while others have been converted by their owners into dwellings. The familiar Cycladic form of the settlement wins the admiration of the visitor.


The village of Katavati is built at the foot of the hill of Prophet Elias. It is located 3 km south of Apollonia. Its settlement with traditional architecture fascinates every visitor. It is worth visiting the monastery of Prophet Elijah, which dominates the top of the hill. It is one of the most important Byzantine monuments of the island.

Pano Petali

Pano Petali is a small village between Artemonas and Apollonia. It has the most beautiful view to the east. It is worth walking in the alleyways of the settlement and admire its traditional houses.